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12.652 440.879,18
İlan No 455
İlan Tarihi 10 Mayıs 2024
Marka AB YAchts
Seri Diğer
Yıl 2024
Motor Markası Yamaha
Motor Adedi 1
Motor Gücü 6
Yakıt Benzin
Çalışma Saati 0
Gövde Meşin
Boy (metre) 3
En (metre) 3
Kamara Yok
Yatak Sayısı Yok
Bayrak HU
Bulunduğu Marina Diğer
Durum Sıfır
Kimden Sahibinden
Takas Hayır
Otopilot Yok
Baş pervane Yok
Telsiz Yok
Chart Plotter Yok
Derinlik göstergesi Yok
Elektrikli ırgat Yok
Buzdolabı Yok
Deep freeze Yok
Ocak Yok
Fırın Yok
Dingi Botu Yok

Unforgettable experience for all ages!

Sailing is an experience, but have you ever considered the discomfort of the deck, the costly maintenance and storage, the necessity of a license, and the lengthy preparations that could detract from the experience?

Portless boats are CE certified and belong to category C design. As a result, they can be operated without a license, thanks to their electric propulsion (can also be equipped with a gasoline engine), suitable for protected waters and even the sea. The Trinity model's features include easy transportability, excellent maneuverability, and an optimal deck for 6 people. Thanks to the trimaran hull design, it is extremely stable, and it doesn't necessarily require a dock for storage! Ideal for larger families and groups of friends! In demand as a service across Europe.

Technical specifications:

•             Length: 4.3m

•             Width: 2.5m

•             Draft: 15cm

•             Weight: 110 kg

•             Range: 8/4/2.5 hours (45km/22km/14km)

•             Maximum load capacity: 600 kg

Extremely competitive pricing compared to electric boat prices! The listed price is for the basic model. Customize your own Trinity using the configurator on the Portlessboats website!

If you don't want to deal with high costs and lengthy preparations this year, don't hesitate to contact us via any of our available contacts!




Tel.: +36 30 285 0821



Portless International

Üyelik tarihi: 10 Mayıs 2024

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