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İlan No 134
İlan Tarihi 23 Ocak 2021
Firma Adı Blue Matter Marine Consulting

Marine surveying is the practice of inspecting boats to determine condition, safety, and market value. Marine surveys typically include the structure, machinery, and equipment (navigational, safety, radio, etc.) and general condition of a vessel as well as it’s current value. We will evaluate the boat’s systems and structure in and out of the water, looking for problems that could require expensive repairs, or that make the boat unseaworthy.


 At the Blue Matter, we always follow a very strict Professional Code of Conduct. Our clients should expect and always will have;


  • Professionalism: Your Marine Surveyor always demonstrates a proper, respectful, collaborative demeanor. Works accurate, efficient, timely and unbiased fashion.
  • Competency: Surveyor always possesses and offers up to date, top-notch technical knowledge and expertise.
  • Objectivity: Surveyor always practices without bias, judgment, prejudice, and influence.
  • Independence: Surveyor will be independent of all other parties involved in the process.
  • Integrity: Your Surveyor will always be honest and show consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. Surveyor will not be influenced by outside pressures. Foundations of the surveyor’s practice will be strictly factual.
  • Confidentiality: A Marine Surveyor never reveals the client’s information, survey findings and other commercial aspects of the deal.

At Blue Matter, we believe our first responsibility is to the sea people such as professional mariners, cruisers, sailors, boaters, and all others who use our services. In order to meet their needs, everything we provide must be of high quality. We constantly aim to provide value, enhance our services, and maintain the highest quality of service.

We cover all Turkish Med coastline from Istanbul to Antalya plus Greece.

Your Marine Surveyor;

Mustafa Aksut is an experienced Marine Surveyor with proven observation skills and solid technical knowledge. Mustafa has gained extensive work experience while he was working as a marine service expert in Canada and the Bahamas. He has successfully completed a wide variety of projects, including but not limited to, complete refits, electronics, electrical, engines and mechanical, plumbing, refrigeration, rigging, and safety systems on both sailing and motor yachts up to 150 feet in size.

Mustafa Aksut is a member of ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) ABYC standards are the foundation of his practice. Learn more about ABYC standards.

Mustafa Aksut also holds a Master Marine Surveyor credential through Navtech-USSA (US Surveyors Association).